Our Story

The Story
Welcome to The Adventures Of. We believe adventure is all around. Not only high on mountaintops, or deep in the woods - adventure is also waiting to be discovered in life’s more subtle moments. The Adventures Of is the creative adventure of husband and wife team Amanda and Ben Denning. Their aim is to celebrate both the big and the small adventures in life through a range of quality paper goods designed and made here in Australia. 

Amanda is the artistic force behind The Adventures Of. Based from their sunny seaside studio in South Sydney, The Adventures Of presents a carefully designed range of greeting cards and limited edition art prints. The Adventures Of first began in 2013 from a deep passion for design and print, and the obsession for quality motivates their production choices. With a quality over quantity approach, their sophisticated and playful aesthetic is brought to life with environmentally conscious, quality materials and suppliers here in Australia. The Adventures Of is about supporting local, whilst being accessible and of the very best quality.